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5 Engineering Toys to Cultivate Determination and Grit in your Preschooler

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We have all experienced it. That moment when your toddler, with wonder and excitement in their eyes, places that last block on the very top of the tower they so carefully built. You hold your breath hoping for success. The tower collapses and your child quickly glances at you to decide how they should react.

This is the time to force that smile and congratulate your child for the opportunity to build it bigger and better.

Preschooler building tower of blocks
Preschooler building tower of blocks

5 Best Toys to Teach Determination & Grit:

Your child’s ability to troubleshoot, work hard, struggle, fail, and try again is an important skill that will help teach your child how to achieve their goals. Teaching determination and grit builds self-confidence and provides a process for children to learn how to problem-solve.

These 5 toys will keep your child engaged and having a blast while they build critical analytical skills:

1. Quadrilla Wooden Marble Maze

This all wooden marble maze comes with seven different wooden blocks - each with a different function. Your child will learn how to use each piece as they go. They can't help but challenge themselves with each new marble maze design.

2. Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles inspire creativity! You will be amazed at what your child will create.

3. Candy Construction Set

What could be more fun than building with candy shaped pieces? This set offers a unique engineering challenge because it allows your child to build structures with moving parts.

4. Thomas the Tank Engine Set

Building track with your child offers a great challenge. How do you get the trains to the station? How do you use the track you have and make a complete un-ending rail? The Thomas the Tank Engine Starter Set is a great place to begin. Add track to your set along the way to increase the challenge and complexity.

5. Foam Blocks

Safely challenge your child to build giant towers with these soft foam blocks.


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