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Captivate young minds with 18 engaging electronics and coding projects. This powerful STEM enrichment solution will fuel a passion for innovation and empower the next generation of tech wizards. A perfect all in one solution for educators and enrichment providers.


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Creation Crate projects within 2-4 days of purchase. Shipments are usually received within 3-5 business days of transit in the US and Canada. Order by December 18th to make sure your order arrives by December 25th. Please be advised that shipping in the holidays may be subject to delays from carriers. International shipments spend 8-21 days in transit.


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Why we LOVE this product!




Buy the full electronics and engineering courses together and save big!


Captivate young minds (ages 10+) with a comprehensive electronics and coding curriculum, designed to ignite a passion for innovation and equip them with the skills to become the tech wizards of tomorrow. The Engineer Bundle is a powerful all-in-one solution for educators and enrichment providers, delivering 18 engaging projects that seamlessly integrate electronics, coding, and problem-solving.


Why Choose The Engineer Bundle:


Curriculum-Aligned Projects:

All projects are meticulously crafted to align with core STEM learning objectives, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and hands-on experience.


Progressive Learning Journey:

Starting with fundamental electronics concepts and progressing to advanced coding applications, the bundle provides a structured learning path for students of all skill levels.


Everything Included:

The bundle comes with all necessary components, including high-quality materials, user-friendly instructions, and essential tools like a soldering kit, digital multimeter, and storage box. This eliminates the hassle of sourcing materials and ensures a smooth learning experience.


Cost-Effective Solution:

The Engineer Bundle offers significant savings compared to purchasing individual projects.


Free Shipping (USA Only):

Enjoy the convenience of free delivery within the US.


Expand Your Learning:


The Engineer Bundle provides a strong foundation for further exploration. Encourage students to delve deeper by participating in coding challenges, robotics competitions, or joining maker communities.


All 18 projects from the Electronics Course: Become A Tech Prodigy:

  • Mood Lamp - Lights on! Build a lamp that will change colors in the dark
  • Memory Game - How good is your memory? Program patterns of LEDs to yield a sequence that you’ll repeat back
  • Distance Detector - Create a device that will measure distance with sound waves by building your very own Distance Detector
  • LED Dice Game - Write a program that simulates rolling a pair of dice with the push of a button in this LED Dice Game project
  • Optical Theremin - Create a functional instrument that can be played without touch
  • 2-Player Reflex Game - Build a device that will test your reaction reflexes against a friend’s
  • Weather Station - Measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, heat index, and altitude
  • Audio Visualizer - User smart LEDs to create a display that illuminates columns based on the volume of music
  • Lock Box - Build and attach an alarm to your Creation Crate box that will sound upon opening without a code
  • Digital Multimeter - Be able to read voltage after building your very own multimeter
  • Handheld Balance Game - Test your balance with this device that measures rotation
  • Strength Gauge - How strong are you? Flex your knowledge and muscles to create a device to measure force
  • Infrared Security System - Build an alarm system to sound when someone walks by
  • Wireless Control Center - Enhance the Security System project with a control center that will send and receive information
  • Laser Tripwire Transmitter - Create a device that can sense if an item has passed through a laser pointer
  • Alarm Clock - Make a functional alarm clock that keeps accurate time, even when unplugged
  • RFID Reader - Be able to read, authorize, or deactivate a keycard with an RFID Reader you create
  • FM Tuner - Make a device that allows you to listen to local radio stations


In addition to the 18 included projects, you will receive:

+FREE Soldering Kit ($30)

+FREE Digital Multimeter ($15)

+FREE XL Component Storage Box ($15)

+FREE Shipping (USA Only)

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