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Host a stunning and educational garden tea party

Tea parties and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. I planned a garden party for my daughter when she turned 7. I had so much fun finding the perfect party supplies to take it to the next level, and I know not everyone enjoys or has the time to spend hours (or days!) looking for the perfect paper plate to compliment the party theme, but I love doing this and so I’ve done the work for you. Anyway, I used my daughter’s garden party as my inspiration to put together everything you could need to host a tea tasting party your little ones will love.

While I don’t drink tea (even though I'm British), I do love planning a good party and anything that's focused on nature, so once I started researching making your own tea bags using natural dried herbs and flowers I got excited and down the rabbit hole I went.

Kids vintage tea party


The table setting is important for this party and for that you're going to need fancy cups and plates. If you don't happen to have your own set of vintage china, there are places you can rent from. I didn't feel comfortable letting 25 7-year-olds loose on breakable vintage china, but I have successfully rented from places like this for a baby shower. Sadly the place I rented from is no longer in business, but a quick google search revealed there are plenty of other options available, I just haven't personally tried them out.

Vintage tea party table setting with paper cups and plates, mini milk bottle vases filled with carnations

After considerable searching looking for alternatives to china, I found these cute vintage paper cup versions on Amazon, they even have a little handle! The set consists of paper plates, napkins, teacups and saucers with enough to serve 12 people.

I also added rose gold disposable silverware and used embroidered handkerchiefs as napkins to elevate the table.

To cover the table I used a plain white table cloth and layered it with a lace tablecloth. Adding a lace-trimmed burlap runner along the length of the table provided a place for mini milk bottles filled with carnations and cake stands laden with sweet treats and finger sandwiches.


For the tea making activity, I found these wonderful sample boxes on Amazon of dried herbs and dried flowers, each set contains a mix of 11 different herbs or flowers, all caffeine-free. The boxes have the perfect amount to allow the party guests to mix and match to create their own individual tea blends. Guests can then fill these delightful drawstring tea filter bags with their selection, and by adding one of these pretty pink tags the guests can write down their recipe and attach them to the teabags. When they've finished their creations they can take them home in these silver tin containers, these make a great party favor that your guest can savor at home!

Other activities I planned for my party were painting flower trinket dishes, painting sun catcher wind chimes, and hot gluing fabric flowers onto the brims of straw hats, I think this was my favorite activity, seeing all the girls drinking their tea in their flower-adorned hats made for some cute photos.


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