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Top Toys and Free Activities to Introduce Architecture Concepts to Kids

Updated: Apr 2

Architecture is an art form that can help children understand the world around them. It is more than just buildings and structures, it is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses a wide range of fields, including engineering, art, mathematics, and history. As children are curious and love to explore, introducing architecture to them can be a fascinating experience.

Take a look at our favorite educational products for hands-on learning that build skills to promote learning foundational architecture concepts:

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Develops Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is the ability to understand and perceive the relationship between objects and the space around them. Introducing children to architecture concepts can help them develop spatial awareness skills. Kids learn how to use proportions and scale to create models of buildings and structures, which helps them understand the spatial relationship between objects. Additionally, students can also learn about the importance of functionality and how it affects the design of a building or structure.

Build It Blueprint Puzzles

Ages: 3+

Price: $14.95

Arckit GO Colours Set

Ages: 8+

Price: $59.97

Arckit Model Kits

Ages: 5+ through 10+

Price: starting at $83.95

Enhances Creativity and Imagination

Architecture is a blend of art, science and math and it requires students to think creatively and use their imagination to come up with unique designs. Through architecture concepts, students are exposed to different shapes, patterns, colors, and textures that they can incorporate into their designs. These products provide an opportunity for kids to combine engineering skills with artistic abilities. Starting at age 3, kids can use DoodleTiles to bring their vision to life by building a house and drawing in the details that make it a unique creation. These skill building kits meet your child at their level and introduce ideas to help them grow. By encouraging students to think outside the box, they can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be used in other areas of their lives.

Crayola Doodle Tiles Magna-Tiles Structures

Ages: 3+

Price: $29.95

Architecture for Kids: Skill-Building Activities for Future Architects

Ages: 8+

Price: $15.99

Architect's Drawing Kit

Ages: 9+

Price: $34.95

3-D Home Kit

Ages: 9+

Price: $34.95

Archidoodle: The Architect's Activity Book

Ages: 14+

Price: $22.99

Encourages Collaboration and Communication

Architecture is a collaborative process that involves architects, engineers, artists, designers and construction workers. Introducing children to architecture concepts can encourage collaboration and communication skills. For example, starting at age 3 kids can use Magna-Tiles to work together in groups to build the most amazing structures. While working together, they can practice communicating their ideas and thoughts to their peers. Through this type of collaboration, students can learn how to work as a team and respect each other's ideas and opinions.

Magna-Tiles® Metropolis with FREE Storage Bin

Ages: 3+

Price: $129.95

The Freckled Frog Little Happy Architect

Ages: 2+

Price: $51.99