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Kullerbu All Around Town Bundle Ball Track


2 and up

Create a thrill-a-minute ball track with tunnels, curves, twists and turns! Build and rebuild - there are lots of ways to put your track together! The is the perfect set for your little engineer that loves to build. Develop problem solving skills and experiment with cause and effect.


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Why we LOVE this product!

The Haba Kullerbu All Around Town Bundle wooden ball track is a remarkable early educational toy that offers countless benefits for children's development. This engaging playset sparks creativity, problem-solving, and fine motor skills as kids build and customize their own ball track adventures.

As they experiment with different track configurations, children learn about cause and effect, gravity, and basic engineering principles. It encourages hands-on exploration, nurturing their understanding of spatial relationships and logical thinking.

The colorful components and smooth wooden design captivate young minds, promoting sensory development and imaginative play. Children delight in watching the balls race through the track, refining their visual tracking abilities.

This toy fosters social interaction and cooperation when children collaborate on building complex track layouts. It enhances communication skills and teamwork, making playtime even more rewarding.

Parents can feel confident in the high-quality, safe materials used in this set, ensuring long-lasting play and peace of mind. The Haba Kullerbu All Around Town Bundle is not just a ball track; it's a fantastic tool for early learning, setting children on a path of discovery and exploration while having endless fun!




Roll all over town with this special Kullerbu collection. Take on the wild curves, power through the windmill and under the bell arch and more. A great introduction to the Kullerbu system, with endless options for building and rebuilding the layout. Create a thrill-a-minute ball track. Build and rebuild - there are lots of ways to put your track together!


Promotes hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, problem-solving and lateral thinking, and introduces the basics of engineering.


This set is easy to assemble - insert, click, done. Compatible with all other Kullerbu sets and accessories.


Kullerbu All Around Town Bundle Includes:


  • Kullerbu Windmill Play Set
  • Kullerbu Spiral Starter Track Set
  • Kullerbu Connectors & Base Expansion Set
  • Kullerbu Columns Expansion Set


For children ages 2 years and up. Ball measures 1.75" in diameter and cannot be swallowed.


The Kullerbu Play Track System

Kullerbu is the play system that sparks a child's imagination. Expandable and modular, each set can be combined with other sets and accessories to create amazing runs. There's no right or wrong way to build a Kullerbu track - just mix creativity with the high-quality pieces and you'll be amazed at the results.


Easy assembly means that little builders don't have to wait long to start playing. If the track layout doesn't work perfectly the first time, it's simple to rebuild. Kullerbu track layouts can be a new experience every time.


Kullerbu layouts are also solid and stable. They will stay together even if the builder should happen to bump into them. That keeps the focus on creating and expanding this fun play world.


Product Details

  • Width: 6.50"
  • Height: 18.50"
  • Depth: 17.32"
  • Weight: 8.85 lbs
  • Availability: This item typically ships the next business day
  • Made in: China

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Take a closer look at the Kullerbu All Around Town Bundle in this video



HABA offers a phenomenal collection of kid’s toys online that encourage early development, promote learning, and stimulate imaginations. The family-owned and operated German toy company has been creating educational and fun children’s toys and games for over 80 years that strengthen crucial developmental skills, benefit educational growth, inspire playful activity, and spark creativity.

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