Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume


5 and up

Learn about hinges, rotary motion, and fossil detective work when you build a spikey t-rex head and engineer a fierce felt jaw that snaps shuts with the pull of a string! This costume kit contains everything you need to make a mechanical dinosaur costume with matching dino claws!


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Craft a mechanical dinosaur costume — featuring a dinosaur mask with a chomping jaw (that snaps shut with the pull of a cord) and matching claws. Then learn about hinges, rotary motion, and fossil detective work. Harness the power of hinges and roar-tation (er, rotation) to craft a big green dinosaur mask with a chomping jaw. Discover the strong but simple science behind hinges and how they cause the dino jaw to clamp up when you pull the cords down. Then learn about the hardest biter in the animal kingdom. (Hint: it’s not a dino!) This unique dinosaur costume inspires kids to learn about paleontology! Read about the dinosaur detective work that paleontologists do and how they use fossilized remains to figure out what dinos were like — from the size of their jaws to the sharpness of their teeth.


Decorate the head with felt spikes and teeth, put on a set of felt claws, and get ready to roar!


Mechanical dinosaur head

Use the power of hinges and rotation to craft a big, green dinosaur head costume with a chomping jaw.


Dinosaur claws

This crate comes with a mechanical dinosaur costume head and matching dino claws.


Inspiration booklet

Get kid-friendly materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and everything else you need inside the crate!


Package Dimensions

11.02 x 7.28 x 3.43 inches; 13.76 Ounces



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