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MEL Kids Monthly Subscription Box


5 to 9

MEL Kids subscription boxes are designed for 5 to 9 years old. There are 18 fascinating kits to explore, delivered each month to your door, so these will keep you busy for the next 18 months! Each kit comes with an educational model to build, AR lessons, Instructions styled like a comic book.


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Why we LOVE this product!




From 5 years and up any child can be a scientist. A MEL Kids subscription includes 18 science, technology, engineering, and math projects delivered to your door.


What comes in a box?

Everything you need! The kits include all the necessary components and instructions to complete a successful project.


Each month you'll receive an exciting new set from the list below.

Air Turbine - Study centrifugal force, build a simple fan, and try to balance objects in an airstream!

Projector Optics - There's nothing like going to the movie theater! Learn how projectors work, why we initially see images upside down.

Gyroscope - Ever wondered why a spinning top takes so long to fall?

Space Rocket - Explore the principles of reactive motion

Hydraulic Lift - Learn how hydraulics are used in real life and assemble a jack lift

Sound Waves - What is sound, and how is it produced? Learn how we hear sounds and how musical instruments work

Projectile Cannon - Learn how launch angle affects an object's trajectory

Electric Boat - Not only will you construct a battery – you'll also build a toy boat powered by your battery!

Science of Light - What are polarizers, and what do they do to light?

Liquid Clock - Explore how to measure time intervals and learn about liquid density, pressure, and viscosity!

Robotic Hand - Use the lever principle to manipulate objects without touching them with your hands!

DIY Headphones - Learn all about sound and electromagnets! Build your own headphones and use them every day!

Printing Press - Study pressure and forces, and perform a fun experiment to turn a press into a lift!

Vacuum Chamber - Perform fascinating science experiments to boil, expand, and squeeze objects with vacuum power!

Spring Force - Learn how to improve your racecar by reducing friction and using mechanical advantage.

Spectrum Goggles - What is color? How are rainbows produced? How does 3D vision work? How do animals and insects see the world?

Earthquakes - Explore the inner workings of our planet and learn how people construct buildings for maximum earthquake resistance!

Infinity Portal - Study the physical laws behind reflections and construct an infinite reflection tunnel!

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