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1 Minute Mindfulness Activity for Kids with Anxiety

I was 7 years old and sobbing. I can't remember anymore what made me so upset but I remember I was inconsolable. My big sister sat next to me for a while as tears streamed down my face. Very softly she said, "how far do you think that tear can go?"

I paused to see where she was pointing. It was the tear running down the right side of my face. Suddenly, all of my attention was on that tear. I felt it moving down my cheek and wondered it if would make it all the way to my neck.

That moment has stuck with me. My sister's quiet and simple words changed my focus and brought me into the present.

Today, I look for ways to recreate that experience for my children. I look for tools to keep in and around the house that can similarly help shift the focus for them - even for just a moment.

These wooden stacking stones are one of my favorites! The process of balancing the stones requires focus and helps your child to stop and pause.

To distract my children, I ask:

How high can you stack the stones?

Can you stack them by size with the biggest on the bottom?

Can you stack them by size with the biggest on the top?

Can you stack them in piles by color?

Can you make your stack taller by turning the stones?

The wooden stones come in natural wood or multicolored sets.


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