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Steve Spangler Science Club Subscription Box


5 and up

Outrageously fun hands-on science! This subscription is perfect for the budding scientist. Each kit outdoes the next in fun and hands-on learning. The kits introduce science concepts from physics, to chemistry, to biology, to electronics with activities that fascinate and engage kids.


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Why we LOVE this product!




Get your money's worth in every kit! Each box contains all the materials needed for the experiment, instructions and educational cards, and reusable lab equipment.


The Steve Spangler Science club offers 4 subscription options - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Outrageously fun!




Kit 1 - Amazing Scientist

Release your inner scientist as you observe color-changing liquids, mix-up bubbling potions and make your own test tube lava lamps!


Kit 2 – Electricity Science Kit

Explore the differences between the insulators and conductors. You’ll use a device that tests the way electrons flow through different things.


Kit 3 – Bubblology Science Kit

Blow perfect bubbles that you can touch, bounce and obey your every command. You’ll even be able to make a square bubble!


Kit 4 – Water Science Kit

Uncover the secrets behind some of the most amazing water magic tricks you’ve ever seen!


Kit 5 – Newton’s Antics Science Kit

The world of science was forever changed by Sir Isaac Newton’s scientific discoveries. Get ready for things to fling, fly, twist and drop with this kit!


Kit 6 – Color Mixing Science Kit

You’re about to explore a unique combination of technology and art with a splash of water-saving science.


Kit 7 – Power of Air

You know air supports life on earth but there’s way more to it than that. Take a breath and let’s explore!


Kit 8 – Physics Science Kit

The physics activities in this months kit involve gravity, movement, and patience. They show how balance and energy play fascinating roles every day.


Kit 9 – String Slime Goo

This month’s kit is all about the chemistry of ooey, gooey polymers that look like long, stringy, stretchy worms. You’ll learn how to hook together long chains of molecules to make cool worm-like polymers!


Kit 10 – Mysterious Science Kit

Everybody loves a good mystery and science mysteries are some of the best! Dive into these activities to see just how mysterious science can be!


Kit 11 – Snow Science Kit

You won’t believe your eyes. Just add water to the Insta-Snow® powder and in seconds the water turns into a fluffy substance that looks just like piles of deep snow.


Kit 12 – Slime Art

This kit introduces the concepts of changes in states of matter (from a liquid to a solid). Learn how to make amazing slime art creations!




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  • Recommended ages 5-12
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Learn more!

Steve Spangler Science is a Kahoot Academy Premium Partner! Take a look at all of the Steve Spangler rich educational content on Kahoot - here!


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Looking for more science enrichment at home? Take a look at Steve Spangler's extensive library of at home science experiments that include experiments in science categories such as All About Air, Chemistry, Color, Density, Electricity, Energy, Food Science, Forces and Motion, Light and Sound, Magnetism, Plants and Animals, Rocks and Minerals, Science Fair, Special Events, States of Matter, Summer Camp, Table Tricks, and Weather.




Get educated, inspired, and entertained as you watch easy to do at home science experiments and play kahoots, aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. From multiple Emmy award winner, and regular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Spangler.


Steve Spangler Science

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