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MEL Physics Subscription Box


8 to 14

Kids explore different physics concepts with this monthly subscription box by MEL Science. The kits include everything they'll need to complete the 2-3 hands-on, fun, and engaging experiments. The subscription also includes a VR app, video explanations, and live lessons with science teachers.


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A MEL Physics monthly subscription box contains everything they'll need to conduct the 2-3 themed experiments. All the hardware, components, and easy-to-follow instructions. The experiments are safe and designed for home use, developed by scientists and parents so that the sets are engaging and fun.

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Explore these 18 different topics

Shape memory: Learn all about the properties of Nitinol.

Luminescence: Explore this beautiful phenomenon and how we use it in everyday life.

Alternative energy: This set will have you exploring and building 3 different renewable energy source machines, wind, solar, and heat.

Rheoscopic fluid: experiments in this set will reveal the fascinating way in which liquid moves.

Electric motor: contains experiments that will have kids building an electric motor and an electric generator.

Reflections: Create an infinity mirror tunnel and uncover the secrets behind a one-way mirror.

Hydrophobicity: Explore surface tension and the properties of hydrophobic sand.

Polarized light: Learn what polarization is and how it protects us from sunlight.

Electrostatic forces: Learn what causes lightning, control jets of water, and make cups levitate.

Steam engine: Learn how to convert steam into electrical energy to power an LED.

DIY speaker and microphone: Make your own speaker as you complete experiments that turn sound into an electrical signal and then back into sound.

Non-Newtonian liquids: Study the properties of these fascinating liquids that can bounce like a ball or climb out of their containers.

Ferrofluid: Create this unique fluid that can flow like a liquid and be attracted to a magnet.

Vacuum: See what happens to different substances 160,000 feet in the air as you recreate the conditions in your own vacuum.

Science of invisibility: Learn the secrets of making something invisible.

Aerodynamics: Learn the basics of airplane physics and see with your own eyes how a wing works.

Magnetic levitation: Explore the magic of magnetic repulsion and attraction.

Wireless power: You'll feel like Nikola Tesla as you conduct the experiments in this set, such as lighting a bulb in your hand.


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